Quiz page

How to do the quiz

  1. Choose twelve adjectives in total. (Hover over any word to check its meaning)
    1. Pick four words that best describe you
    2. Pick another four describe you well
    3. Pick another four that describe you quite well
  2. You can 'unselect' an adjective as needed by clicking a checked checkbox
  3. When you have checked the twelve adjectives most applicable to you, click the Submit button to see your quiz results

NB. This exercise requires javascript to function. If javascript is disabled in your browser, the exercise won't work.

Quiz Results


The quiz results are matched against each of 12 roles and tallies up the number of matches for each role. The maximum number of matches for any one role is 12.

You will more than likely have matches with every role. The three roles with the highest number of matches give you an indication of the STEM areas that might suit you.

The results will differ in the spread and the focus. Your matches may concentrate in a few roles meaning you have strong preferred ways of working or they may spread evenly suggesting flexibility and adaptability.

Matching Profiles

A number of profiles of people whose results match one, two or all three of your top three roles will be shown with your results. You can click on the name or photo in a matching profile to view the full profile.


STEM roles include:

Select a role for a description of matching personal attributes and examples of specific workplaces and jobs for people in these roles.