This website and its resources were developed by the Vicphysics Teachers' Network with funding from the Victorian Government’s Connecting Learning to Work Project which was managed by the Careers Education Association of Victoria.  Support from a Inspiring Victoria Partnership Network scheme and the Laby Foundation were also of assistance.

The purpose of the Connecting Learning to Work grant was the development of resources for teachers and careers practitioners to enrich their existing teaching and learning programs for students through appropriate teaching and learning strategies that highlight (to students and parents) the connection between students' learning and future work.

The resources are designed to complement the Girls in Physics Breakfasts program organised by Vicphysics.

Each Breakfast in the program features careers-focussed activities. The funding for this project was to produce profiles of Victorian women and men working in STEM and present them in an online format.

The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network

The Vicphysics Teachers’ Network is a group of Victorian teachers and academics. The purpose of the group is to support physics education in Victoria by:

  • being a voice for physics teachers,
  • supporting the networking of physics teachers,
  • organising professional development activities for physics teachers,
  • maintaining this website of resources for teachers and students,
  • organising events for physics students,
  • providing advice to curriculum and examination bodies,
  • distributing regularly an electronic newsletter to teachers,
  • providing necessary physics equipment to disadvantaged schools, when the funds permit,
  • researching student participation in physics as well as the physics teaching profession.

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Postal Address:
PO Box 290, Flinders Lane, VICTORIA 8009, AUSTRALIA

ABN: 91 277 531 646